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Our approach

At La Fontaine, we take great pride in our personalised, comprehensive PSHE curriculum that is designed to offer children the best start in life, equipping them with the skills needed for a safe and healthy life style and to secure their successful future in modern working Britain.

“Education is improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world a better place than you found it.” Marion Wright Elderman

Our students’ spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development is fundamental to our school ethos. Our goal is to deliver a curriculum designed to encourage each individual student to maximise their potential through essential knowledge and understanding. Ultimately, we hope to encourage our children to develop broader thinking, self-regulation, and resilience in being an important member of a diverse society. Our approach will start with the students fulfilling their roles in the school and hopefully spread to their home and the wider community.

We will adopt a thematic approach using a 6 module Honeycomb Model where each element tessellates around the PSHE core.

The Honeycomb module offers a comprehensive programme for La Fontaine PSHE, including statutory Relationships and Health Education and a focus on being successful in the modern world. This approach allows different year groups to work on similar themes at the same time, building a spiral programme year on year, whilst offering flexibility in terms of medium term planning. The colour-coded topic areas can be adapted to meet planning requirements, pupils’ stages of development and needs and also to reflect the context of the school and local community.

The scheme comprises of six modules:
  1. Me around Others
  2. Respectable Me
  3. Healthy Me
  4. Developing Me
  5. Social Me 
  6. Successful Me

The first two modules encompass the statutory expectations regarding Relationships, stated in the National Curriculum. Healthy Me covers aspects of Health Education and Developing Me has a particular focus on teaching RSE.

The last two modules: Social Me and Successful Me are centred on our roles in the wider community.

We use the Honeycomb Module in order to achieve our aims by:

  • Adopting a whole school approach that compliments the school mission and values
  • Designing a spiral, progressive and fully planned scheme of work
  • Focus on the three Core areas of PSHE curriculum
  • Delivering weekly sessions for every child in the school by teachers
  • Beginning each lesson with a question to encourage opinion and discussion
  • Simultaneously offering short term updates on world situations such as Covid-19
  • Building curriculum progressively on knowledge and skills attained in the previous year
  • Ensuring that PSHE is valued through whole school assemblies and cross-curricular links

Our reasons for taking this approach

In modern life, children and young people are faced with an increasingly complex world, where as much time is spent online, as off. This creates many exciting opportunities but also comes with an increased risk and challenges to be overcome.

It is important that our children are equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to stay safe and healthy and also keep abreast of the issues that can help them manage their academic, personal and social lives to a positive outcome.

With this changing, modern lifestyle, it is easy for children to lose the abilities of resilience
and self-regulation. It is our hope that this approach will allow them to further understand
themselves and others whilst allowing them strategies to manage difficult situations and
understand their place in the global society.

To summarise, our biggest aim is to ensure the success of our children in their future choices and equip them for secondary school and beyond, with a comprehensive understanding of the pertinent issues that affect our modern world.


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