Staff Governor Election

There is currently a vacancy for a Staff Governor for La Fontaine Academy to serve on the Academy Committee of La Fontaine Academy.  In the first instance, we are inviting staff from La Fontaine Academy to nominate themselves to fill this place.

Staff Governors are elected by and from other staff and are vital to our Academy Committee.  They share equally with other STEP Governors the responsibility for carrying out the Academy Committee wide range of responsibilities.  If you join our Academy Committee, you will serve for a four-year term, unless you cease employment at the Academy before the end of this period.

Any members of staff interested in becoming a STEP Governor (including non-teaching staff) can collect an application pack from the Academy Office, or request an electronic copy, and are recommended to make an appointment with the Head Teacher to discuss the role. Please contact Claudia Diacos for an application pack.

The closing date for the receipt of nominations from La Fontaine Academy is Friday 25th September.