Remote Learning

The team at La Fontaine Academy are committed to the continued education of our children and want to ensure that everyone has access to a high quality education even though we are not able to have all children in the school building at the moment. We are delivering our remote learning using the Google Classroom platform.

On a daily basis, teachers upload lessons that cover phonics and/or reading (depending on the year group), writing, maths and one other subject, e.g. history or French. Over the course of the week, children will have access to learning in every subject that they would normally be taught if they were in school.

Learning is presented in a variety of ways: teachers record videos that accompany presentations to introduce new material and model the tasks that they are asking the children to complete; a range of tasks and activities for the children to complete; quizzes; links to other educational sites with relevant and appropriate activities selected by the teachers. Activities are completed using Google Docs, or by non-digital methods, which can then be scanned or photographed and loaded onto Google Classroom.

Children are encouraged to complete the learning and submit for review by their teacher. Teachers give feedback a few times each day: the frequency and timing of this feedback is determined by the year group teachers based on what they feel is appropriate for the age group they are teaching.

Teachers monitor the engagement of all children and offer support and advice to those that are struggling to access materials. There are weekly phone calls home to check that children are coping well with their learning and to ensure that there are no concerns at home.

There are three assemblies each week, hosted via Zoom: Monday with Mr Tirrell; Wednesday with Phase Leaders; Friday with Mme Mitchell. These assemblies are an opportunity for our school community to come together and ensure that we all remain connected with each other; they are used to celebrate successes, as we usually would if we were in school. There are also weekly ‘juice breaks’ hosted by the class teachers to support informal social interaction between the children and the rest of their class.

Further detail on why we have chosen this approach can be found in this document Remote Learning at La Fontaine Academy

Home learning packs from the first lockdown are still available here and can be used as required. Should you need any further support, including access to a device or the internet, please contact the school office.