Playground upgrade!

Our playground is soon to get the next phase of its face lift… We started earlier this year with some playground markings, including a chess board, football games, snakes and ladders, etc., and we now move onto more substantial things.

The sloped area is going to be replaced with some fake grass and will have wooden sleepers planted in to give some additional seating areas for the children. We are also putting a fence around the top and right edges so that this isn’t a cut through and children will be able to sit in peace (and with any luck the fake grass can last longer than the real stuff). Below that, where there is currently another dusty patch, we are installing a trim trail to give the children something to play/climb on during break times.

In addition, at the far end of the playground nearest to the carpark, we are installing a canopy. We’re lucky that our playground is such a suntrap, but there isn’t a huge amount of shade during the summer months. This canopy is designed to filter out the harmful UV rays and provide a bit of respite from the mid-morning sun for those that have been running around and need a few calm minutes to re-hydrate!

The building works are scheduled to start on 29th June and will last approximately two weeks. As this is happening during term time, the builders have offered some short workshops for our children to come and learn about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, which I think will be very popular with lots of the children! If you have a look on pages five and six, I have included some additional drawings of what the space will look like    when it’s finished.

This project wouldn’t be possible without the PTA (and all of you that have donated in anyway over the last few years) as they have part funded this building work along with the school. We appreciate all of the support we get from the school community to make these projects happen!